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Re: Missing Traps?

Johnathan Pierce" <pierce@at-mail-server.vitro.com> writes
> What is the best way to define missing traps not in ROM?  They don't seem to
> be mentioned in any of the files in the interfaces directory.
> I can't find the interfaces for FSOpen, FSClose, FSWrite, etc.

The definitions for mac interfaces for the FS traps are in the 
examples folder in the file mac-file-io.lisp for both MCL2.0b1p3 
and for MCL2.0f. These include FSOpen FSRead FSWrite FSClose.

The traps are not in ROM and are defined in the mac-file-io.lisp
file in MCL2.0b1.  In mcl2.0f, you can examine the files in oodles-of-utils
in the NotInROM folder in +Files.Lisp and +Devices.Lisp (for FSRead
and FSWrite).