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Re: Undefining

>I need a command to undefine the function or method that the point is
>sitting in (or after).  This is not terribly useful for functions
>unless I am trying to save space.  But it is a real pain to remove an
>erroneously defined method and it often needs to be removed to have
>things work correctly (e.g. changing a primary method to an after
>method) and it happens often enough that a simplification would help

I totaly agree with Daniel in saying that we need a simple tool to
undefine unwanted methods. His suggestion is very neet. It seems to me
that the most usefull way to implement it would be to have a fred command
equivalent to ctrl-x ctrl-i that is bright enough to inspect the current
method instead of the current symbol (maybe ctrl-x m ?). Then all you have
to do is add a "Undefine" item to the inspector of methods...

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