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Passive TCP connection

I'm opening a passive tcp connection using:
(open-tcp-stream nil 8000 :wait-for-connection nil)

where the wait-for-connection is eventually used
in the %tcp-control function as:
(when (and (eql (setq err (#_pbcontrolasync pb)) 0)

Now this works fine and a stream with a :listen
state is returned immediately from the open-tcp-stream.

The problem is that the state of this stream eventually
changes to :close via a -23008 error from %tcp-control.

How can I set this time out longer, much longer
I'm using this code as a server and want the
:listen to continue until a connection is established
or I close the stream, not when some timeout mechanism
closes the system.

(Note: :commandtimeout is used to control how long
       this stream can be queried, e.g., stream-tyi,
       before it signals an error.)

I would appreciate any help, thanks.