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Re: key handlers

 > I have a problem with the way enter/exit-key-handler are called by MCL. My
> understanding is that they are useful for validating text entry, and I would
> expect the following behaviour:
> - When opening the dialog, call enter for the selected text item
> - When selecting another text item, call exit on the current one, then enter
> on the new one.
> - When closing the dialog, call exit on the current text item.
I'd like to second the motion to do something about the exit-key-handler.
The function should be called not just when you CLOSE the dialog, but
when you select another window.
I had a real problem a while back where I wanted to do validation checking on what
a user had just typed in. It was easy if he moved to another item in the
same dialog but painful if he clicked on another window. Seems to me the same fn
should be called.