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Re: LSIZ question...

>I'm doing mem alloc (*large* arrays) in c from lisp...
>What are the do's and dont's of changing
>1. Initial Mac Heap size min.
>2. Init Mac Heap size max.
>3. init Mac Heap size percentage

If you know the approximate size of the stuff you're allocating in C,
you can set both the Mac Heap size min & Mac Heap size max to the
same number, and guarantee that you'll get that much space. The free
space in the Mac Heap seems to be about 50K less than the amount you
ask for. I assume that space is taken up by the kernel's code resources.

>4. Lisp Heap critical low mem.

You probably don't need to change this.

>(I suppose I'm looking for an explanation of what and how they are
>used by mcl...)
>5. what (if any) 2.0 final implications are there?

In 2.0 final, the Mac heap will be automatically grown when necessary.
It never shrinks. Since growing it requires a full GC, you may prefer
to set the LSIZ resource (which can be done with an argument to