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On implementing a dialog item

Before I do so, has anyone implemented a dialog item similar to the one
found in the Stack Backtrace window that allows you to change the relative
size of the various table dialog items?  (I refer to the dark bar underneath
the scroll bar of the top-most table).

I'm pretty sure I can hack something out based on horizontal/vertical
guides implemented in the Dialog-Editor.lisp file, but why do the work
if I don't have to ;-)?

  -- Luke

PS.  I am about to begin an implementation of small icons (sicn) dialog
items.  Again, if anyone has some code they want to share regarding these
items, that would be great.  I have some code that I implemented in MCL 1.3.2
based on some code from Andrew Shalit that I will use as the basis for
the MCL 2.0 implementation.