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Re: Memory Management

I've tried to  follow the example of creating a  new-gcable-ptr
but have found that MCL2.0f3 is having difficulty loading
the constants definition for #$flags_disposptr.

I've reindexed the interfaces for constants, records and traps
(ccl::reindex-interfaces) and created new indices to no avail.

The system cannot find #$flags_disposptr and #$err-printer
which are defined in lispequ.

After requiring lispequ which defines these constants, #$err-printer
generates an error:
   ? #$err-printer results in
   > Error: Can't find TRAPS::$ERR-PRINTER in "ccl:interfaces;index;constants.idx".
   >        Consider (REINDEX-INTERFACES)
While ccl::$err-printer is defined
   ? ccl::$err-printer

Similarly, #$flags_disposptr yields and error but ccl::$flags_disposptr
is defined correctly (as 2).

Is this a known problem?