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Re: Dylan in the news

    Date: Fri, 29 May 1992 11:26+0200
    From: Ranson <ranson@LANNION.cnet.fr>

    Please don't leave us in the dark! What is this new wonderful technology they
    call "garbage collection"? (Nothing dirty about it, I hope?)
    What is the second language that plays father to Dylan? The mentions of "20
    years ago" (Lisp is much older) and "inference engine" make me think of Prolog.

According to my grandfather, GC has been inherited from C.  However, the
name GCC was not nice, so they took the next letter: D.  So in C, it's
called GCD.  I don't know what this procedure does, but it sure is time
lispers implement it, because it's very useful.