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Re: saving a numeric table to a disk file

Hello Hans,

In performing non-classical optimization to systems with *large* number of designable
(and usually random) variables, I too have efficiency and resource requirements similar
to your own.

While I love the simplicity and power of lisp, I am coming to realize that applications
like ours are why they invented the FFI. If lisp itself has a weakness, I would say that
your observation hits the nail on the head... There is a compromise here, you dont get
something for nothing! Lisp makes it easy to implement and is efficient *most* of the

I think that the way you are supposed to save your data is to (save-application ...).
My solution has been to use the FFI and write the number cruncher and heavy duty file i/o
activities in c. The good news is that you can make all that look like lisp! In my
opinion, the best set-up is to use think-c and Cartier`s MCL <-> TC interface.
(Especially since my upgrade to system 7 makes my mpw refuse to boot!)

Since it sounds like we are both new to lisp, I would very much like to hear the
comments of the more experienced lispers...

ttfn, MM

 Mike Meehan
 Simulation Optimization Technology Group
 EEsof Inc., R&D Department
 5601 Lindero Canyon Road
 Westlake Village CA. 91362
 FAX/VOICE: 818.879.6374