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Re: saving a numeric table to a disk file


thanks for your message. Here are a few comments:

> ... if the array contains only floats ...
Actually the "array" is a table. Most of the columns contain floats,
some don't. One has to cope with missing values. Then there is the 
header line with ASCII labels, etc. So the real thing I wish to store
is a structure or perhaps a CLOS object. In my posting I just
described the simplest of all possibilities, to get my message

> ... do binary I/O ... you use the Macintosh I/O traps ...
That defies my intent to write portable code.

> The foreign function interface is also a reasonable approach to the 
> problem.
Again, as long as the FF is not standardized within Lisp, code would
become non-portable.

> I don't believe that Lisp is the solution to all problems.
May be. But it should be adequate for the simple thing I am aiming

Hans-Martin Adorf