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Cartier's Contribs Upload

I have uploaded a new file to the cambridge archive
containing all my contributions to the MCL community
in a single stuffit classic archive.

It is the Cartiers-Contribs.sit.hqx file in directory

These contributions are mainly aimed at improving MCL's
already great working environment. Later on, I will include
other kinds of contributions. Documentation is available in
Microsoft Word format.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: These contributions are MCL 2.0 final dependant.
                  If you are using MCL 2.0b1p3, you will *not* be
                  able to use the WHO-CALLS system. You will be able
                  to use the COLLECTIONS. You will also be able to use
                  the EXTENDED-APROPOS if you follow the very simple
                  instructions in the documentation.

The contribs contains three systems:


  This set of files implements a system extension that will automatically
  remember for each function, variable and macro, which toplevel form
  respectively calls it, makes a reference to it or macroexpands it.

  The most powerful feature of this system is its very close integration
  with Fred. For those who are performance conscious, the overhead of using
  this system is extremely minimal, in respect to both memory and compilation


  This set of files implements an extended Apropos dialog. It is a superset
  of MCL's standard Apropos dialog. You can use it to search for all symbols
  that match certain criteria.

  Note: I have removed the old Extended-Apropos.sit.hqx file from the
        cambridge archive.


  This system will enable you to easily access important places in your fred
  windows via convenient pop-up menus. You can for example use it to get a
  pop-up menu of all the toplevel definitions contained in your frontmost
  fred window.

* Guillaume Cartier                 (514) 844-5294 (maison)         *
* L.A.C.I.M.                        (514) 987-4290 (bureau)         *
* Universite du Quebec a Montreal   (514) 987-8477 (telecopieur)    *
* Montreal, Quebec, Canada          cartier@math.uqam.ca (internet) *