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Re: ? disk writes actually done or still just in the cache ?

>Yes, FlushVol is the call you want. The problem exists even in System 6 with
>the cache off, because there is a track cache anyway. This is documented in
>a technote.
>     Daniel.

In 2.0b1p3 and later, FORCE-OUTPUT on an output file stream calls
#_FlushFile. CLOSE calls #_FlushVol. The Inside Macintosh documentation
for #_FlushFile says that "Some information stored on the volume won't
be correct until PBFlushVol is called." Seems to me that FORCE-OUTPUT
should do #_FlushFile, which it already does (in 2.0b1p3. 2.0b1 without
patch 3 tried to do #_FlushVol, but neglected to put the volume number
in the right place), and FINISH-OUTPUT should do #_FlushVol.

I'll send you a patch to make FINISH-OUTPUT do #_FlushVol if you
tell me which version of MCL you're running.