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Re: Unable to run MCL2.0b1 on a Quadra700?

>>I have tried to run MCL2.0b1 on a Quadra 700. 
>>Unfortunately a message appeared that system error 
>>3 occurred. Does somebody know whether there are 
>>problems in general to run MCL2.0 on a Quadra?
>MCL 2.0b1 will not run on a Quadra unless you turn off the caches.
>MCL 2.0 final will work with the caches enabled.
On some Quadras, the cache is permanently on.  So if you don't want to wait
for 2.0 final, you may want to get a copy of a cache switch for the quadra.
 The one that we use is called Animals.  If you need  any info on this,
tell me.
Steven Dobbs
Institute For Human and Machine Cognition
University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

"The solution to the problem will inevitably change the problem."