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Re: Memory-hungry problem in MCL version2.01b.

>Dear Sir,
>  We are a group of researchers at the university of sydney, working on 
>a project called Electronic 
>Discourse Analyser for Fujitsu Australia. Last year we purchased a copy of
>Macintosh Common lisp version 2.01B for our work. Recently we installed
>this system on our Macintosh IIfx, which runs under system 7, and which has
>20 megabytes of RAM. We thought with this configuration, there should be no
>memory-hungry problem with our application.
>  Our application has 30 thousand code lines. It also uses 6 hashtables
>which when fully loaded, consist about 2000 records. Each record takes about
>100 - 150 bytes. With MACLv1.3 and system 6, there was no problem with
>this configuration. However, when we ran our application under the new
>environment, MCLv2.01b did too frequent GCs, and sometimes even reported
>memory allocation error.

It sounds like you may need to increase the size of the MCL partition.
Unlike many systems, which dynamically allocate system memory when an application
requires it, the Macintosh allocates a fixed amount of memory for an application
when it starts up. (In System 7, it's possible to ask for more [MultiFinder temporary
memory], but MCL does not use that feature.) This amount, which I call the
"partition size", can be changed in the Finder.

Select the MCL application (or your application created from MCL by SAVE-APPLICATION)
in the Finder, choosing "Get Info" from the "File" menu, and changing the "Current size"
to something larger than MCL's default 3072K. Experiment until you find a size that
balances GC frequency with use of your 20 megs of memory.

(Note: you must quit from MCL before you can change the partition size with the Finder).

>  We have ordered the latest copy of MCL2, but it has not arrived yet.
>I wonder with the problem I described above, if there is an easy solution.
>Or there are something that I have not done properly with the installation.

MCL 2.0b1 is the latest shipping version. We should be shipping MCL 2.0 later
this summer.