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RE: MCL Application Framework

Symantec and Apple announced today a development and marketing agreement to
provide a cross-platform application framework for Apple Macintosh computers
and Microsoft Windows based PCs.  This agreement is designed to aid commercial
and corporate software developers in quickly creating new applications for
multiple desktop computing platforms.  

Symantec will provide the cross-platform application framework known as the
BedRock framework that is currently used internally to develop applications for
Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows.  Symantec will leverage Apple
engineeering resources and Apple's current object-oriented framework technology
MacApp.  Both Apple and Symantec will use the Bedrock framework technology
internally, and work together to support the developer community's transition
to the Bedrock framework.

Given the amount of resources being invested in this effort, I think that a
goal of the MCL application framework should be a to "PROVIDE A SUPERSET OF
BEDROCK FOR LISP" to immediately support portability to other languages and
other machines.