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Re: RE: MCL Application Framework

    Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1992 21:26+0200
    From: cfry@MIT.EDU (Christopher Fry)

    window  systems]. Without knowing more details on BEDROCK, my guess is that CLIM is closer 
    to the right thing for CL environments than BEDROCK.

That's my guess too.

    The Common Lisp community [other than Apple] is strongly backing CLIM. Not just Symbolics 
    and DEC, but even Franz and Lucid are on the same side of the fence. 

I think there is also Harlequin.  So that's about all the big players in
the lisp field.  Moreover, CLIM seems to me much more mature than other
things; it's pretty deep.  In its current state, it might lack some
easthetics, but it is very deep and very strong on the functional parts.
CLIM 2 will probably improve on the easthetics.