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Re: RE: MCL Application Framew

Regarding the Application Framework:
"Perhaps the following Aim should be added:
"2.6 To provide a LISP version of an existing Application Framework to allow
"developers to benefit from the productive MCL development environment and
"still deliver with the memory and speed efficiency and portability provided by
"other environments."
Well, TCL and MacApp are now to be superceded by Bedrock, which will not be
available until mid-1993 (maybe!).  There would thus seem little point in
simply trying to emulate either Class Library if they are on their way out.
But of course, we will not be seeing Bedrock for a year or so, and even then it
*may* not be supplied with source - so we may as well forget that for a while!
I am sorry, I for one want something soon - real soon - and something which
will also support Dylan.  If someone else wants to emulate Bedrock next year,
then good luck to them!
*Please note* that henceforth, all discussion on the OODL SIG application
framework should take place through the new OODL SIG group mail addresses -
periodic summaries will be posted to info-mcl and on AppleLink.