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RE: RE: RE: MCL Application Fr

>>the drawback of Bedrock is that Bedrock is written in C++ and will
only be accessible from C++ without overcoming some pretty major hurdles.

That is very true but I believe it is worth the effort rather than trying to
reinvent something as good for LISP that doesn't allow application code to be
ported to C++.

>>And Bedrock *may* not ship with source, either, making interfacing to it
>>somewhat interesting!
If the LISP community were interested in making Bedrock accessible to LISP, we
could probably convince the folks at Apple to help with the effort or at least
provide access to BedRock sources for those implementing the MCL interface.
Right now, I'm just trying to point out how useful a Bedrock<->Lisp interface
would be as opposed to an application framework that is LISP specific.