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Highlighting bug


If you CLICK on an un-highlighted editable-text-dialog-item, the
highlighted one is deactivated and looks as if it is the highlighted item
in a non-front window.  ie there is an extra box around the text (inside
the text box) showing that the text would be highlighted if this were the
front window.  Unfortunately, this *IS* the front window, it's just that
somebody else has been clicked on.

Apparently, view-deactivate-event-handler is being called rather than
exit-key-handler.  (At least that's my guess without seeing source code nor
actually tracing stuff.)

Here is a trivial example:

[This is in 2.0 final, I think.]


(defclass sample (window) ())

(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((view sample) &key)
  (add-subviews view
    (make-instance 'editable-text-dialog-item :dialog-item-text
    (make-instance 'editable-text-dialog-item :dialog-item-text "Click on
) )

(make-instance 'sample)
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu