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MCL Framework & Directions

Fellow MCLers,
I have watched with great interest the responses to the call for MCL 2.1
features and especially the discussions about an improved MCL application
framework, an issue close to my own heart.
There have been many interesting and reasonable requests for new features, but,
what I find strange is that no one, not even the MCL implementors, seem to be
talking about overall directions for MCL.
If the primary goal of MCL is to provide an environment for traditional LISP
applications, then perhaps MCL should adopt CLIM as its interface standard. If
MCL's main purpose is to generate "shrink wrapped" commercial applications,
then it needs a framework with at least the capabilities of MacApp and
eventually Bedrock. The two goals may be incompatible.
I have been writing a series of articles for MADA's Frameworks about using MCL
for application development. The third and final article in the series will be
published in July's issue.
The series centerpiece is a comparison of the development process for a
particular program, the Game Of Life,  in Pascal/MacApp and MCL/CLOS. The
surprize for me was how close MCL/CLOS came to creating a commercial quality
Many MCLers have complained that MCL application disk and memory requirements
are the main reason why MCL cannot be used for general commercial development.
My personal opinion is that these "hardware resource" issues will soon
disappear, and that the real issue, lack of a comprehensive class library with
access to modern Macintosh features, will  soon dominate. In my opinion MCL
(and Dylan for that matter) without such a library will never expand beyond
niche markets.
My personal desire is to use MCL to create "shrink wrapped" commercial
applications. I would like for the MCL implementors to publicly commit to this
direction for MCL and to open  discussion on what is needed to meet this goal.
Of course this won't happen unless they and we all want it to. What do you
Jeffrey Stulin
a/l D1104