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MCL & 040 - old news?

I'm probably being more than a bit redundant, but I just purchased the MCL
b1 package, dutifully applied the p1 & p2 patches (on a plus) then fired it
up on my spiffy Q900 only to watch it go down in flames.  I'm assuming that
this is old news, although I'm more than a little ticked at APDA that this 
wasn't pointed out when I purchased the package (along with the lack of the
new Guy Steele book).

Ok, I turn off the cache and away I go, but I've got a couple of simple 
AppleEvents? Has anyone written any code to make sending and receiving them easy
  (kind of like AESend in MPW)?
CLOS - what is the best tutorial? (and is Sussman's book a requirement for 
  people new(ish) to LISP?
Are there any "Must have" files on the internet for LISP, CLOS, or MCL?
Any other pointers that you would like to share with a neophyte to LISP,CLOS,
  and MCL?

          Jeffrey Kane