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Is there an example of a function that will

I origionally sent this only to the author because I thought it was
something most of the list would already know.  I'm resending it to the
whole list because I'm getting tired of reading answers to this
question, though not as tired as I am of the discussion about BedRock,
the Hanna-Barbera operating system.

    Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1992 07:59 EDT
    From: Luke Hohmann <hohmann@csmil.umich.edu>

    return ALL subclasses of a given class, not just the direct subclasses?
    I am looking for a recursive version of class-direct-subclasses that will
    return all the classes in a list, and I'm (for the moment) too lazy to
    write such a beast.....


      -- Luke

How about CLASS-PRECEDENCE-LIST?  That's at least its MOPish name.  I'm
not sure if it has a different name in MCL but I know there is something
with the same functionality because I've used it.