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Doc-strings for user-defined macros

I thought I'd try asking this one more time before just waiting for
2.0 final to see if it's fixed (I've asked it before but gotten no response):

In 2.0b1p3:

When I define a function
    (DEFUN FOO (BAR1 BAR2) ...)
the arglist-on-space mechanism in fred works, and I get BAR1 BAR2 in the
minibuffer when I space after (FOO 

BUT, when I define a macro
the arglist-on-space mechanism in fred just prints out ?? when I space after
(GROK no matter what the arglist is.

I must have ARGLIST-ON-SPACE and all SAVE-<whatever> variables set right,
because it works great for functions, just not macros.  (Unless there are
different SAVE-<whatever> variables for macros than for functions?)

Note that it DOES work for built-in macros, such as WHEN, just not macros
I define.  Is this a known bug?

-- Bob