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Re: MCL & 040 - old news?

>- Yes 2.0b1 requires the 040 cache off. This is fixed in later (private) betas
>and of course 2.0 final that is supposed to be out very soon.
>- I got the 2.0b1 package a long time ago, but I think the Steele book v2 was
>included with it. I may be wrong.
>- There are several appleevent samples around. Some will be included in 2.0
>final. Check the ftp server at cambridge.apple.com or AppleLink for any sample
>- Many people seem to agree that the best CLOS tutorial is "Object-Oriented
>Programming in Common Lisp" by Sonya E. Keene. Addison-Wesley 1989, ISBN
>0-201-17589-4. It requires prior Lisp knowledge.
>     Daniel.

2.0 final will include an AppleEvent toolkit and an EVAL server example.
I made these work in 2.0b1p3 a month or so ago. 2.0b1p3 means that you
need patch 3 as well as patches 1 & 2.

All three MCL patches are available by anonymous FTP to
cambridge.apple.com in the directory:


The three files are:


The AppleEvent toolkit for 2.0b1 is in the file: