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Re: Is there an example of a function that will

>I origionally sent this only to the author because I thought it was
>something most of the list would already know.  I'm resending it to the
>whole list because I'm getting tired of reading answers to this
>question, though not as tired as I am of the discussion about BedRock,
>the Hanna-Barbera operating system.
>    Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1992 07:59 EDT
>    From: Luke Hohmann <hohmann@csmil.umich.edu>
>    return ALL subclasses of a given class, not just the direct subclasses?
>    I am looking for a recursive version of class-direct-subclasses that will
>    return all the classes in a list, and I'm (for the moment) too lazy to
>    write such a beast.....
>    Thanks!
>      -- Luke
>How about CLASS-PRECEDENCE-LIST?  That's at least its MOPish name.  I'm
>not sure if it has a different name in MCL but I know there is something
>with the same functionality because I've used it.

He asked for all the subclasses. CLASS-PRECEDENCE-LIST returns a
list of superclasses.