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Bug in Redrawing sequence dialog items?

Has anyone experienced any problems with the redrawing of table/sequence
dialog items and scrolling-fred-dialog-items? What happens is the following:
  1. In one of the windows that I am using I have two sequence dialog items 
     and one scrolling-fred-dialog-item.
  2. Upon initial creation these dialog items are drawn correctly - that
     is, drawn with borders.
  3. If I select another window and then select those windows, the items
     are drawn incorrectly.

I'm not certain what is causing this behavior though I suspect I am doing 
something wrong somewhere, but I don't have any clue where to begin
looking. (I am not doing any funky things with the normal drawing behavior
of these items, honest....)

Any ideas on where I can start looking for the source of the trouble?
Much thanks....

  -- Luke