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MCL 2.0b1 vs. 1.3.2?


We are contemplating a purchase of a Lisp compiler for a Quadra 700.
The _APDA Tools Catalog_ lists versions 2.0b1 and 1.3.2, both for
$495.  Having no prior experience with MCL, we're confused about which
to buy...  should we take the older 1.3.2 version, or 2.0b1?  Is 2.0b1
a significant step forward relative to 1.3.2?  Also, is 2.0b1 really
buggy since it's a beta version, or is it fairly clean?  Lastly, can I
get either of them anywhere at a better price?

Please post or send email.  I will summarize the email responses and
post them to the net.


Jeff H...

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