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Changing icons (system 7 only)

   Date: Mon, 29 Jun 92 07:16:30 PDT
   From: <@uunet.UU.NET:benjii!chris> (Chris Rosebrugh)

   has anyone found a relatively easy way to 
   deal with creating (and keeping up to date)
   new app and document icons for saved images
   of MCL?

   right now i save the image, then use resedit
   to change the icons, the creator and file
   types to be what i want for my app. 
   additionally, i need to restart and update
   the desktop to get the icons to show up. 

   i'm sure there are easier ways to do this
   stuff all in code, but before i dig into 
   Inside Mac, has anyone else come up with
   slick ways of dealing with this?



A neat feature of system 7 (sorry, no equivalent that I know 
of in system 6) is the ability to cut/paste icons from the 
GET INFO dialog box. Bring up GET INFO on some file, click on 
the icon, and do a cut and/or paste. 

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