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Re: Problem with fast-file-io example...

>  I was trying to use the fast-file-io code in the Examples folder
>supplied with MCL, and am getting error #-43 when I try to call
>(with-fsopen-file...).  Is there a problem with this code?  Is the
>problem potentially with my Mac?  What is the (fswrite...) function
>expecting for the "buffer" argument?  Any examples out there?

I assume you mean "mac-file-io.lisp". Here's an example of using
it. The "buffer" argument is a macptr pointing to an area of
memory big enough for "count" bytes.

; This always overwrites an existing to-file
(defun my-copy-file (from-file to-file)
  (with-FSOpen-file (from-pb from-file)
    (setq to-file (merge-pathnames to-file from-file))
    (create-file to-file :if-exists nil)
    (with-FSOpen-file (to-pb to-file t)
      (%stack-block ((buf 512))
        (let ((size (getEOF from-pb)))
            (when (<= size 0) (return))
            (let ((bytes (min size 512)))
              (fsRead from-pb bytes buf)
              (fsWrite to-pb bytes buf)
              (decf size 512))))))))