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Re: App Framework - Stance 1

UK0392> 2. Some folk are clearly most concerned about cross-platform
UK0392> portability, and I think that the two possible paths then open
UK0392> are:
UK0392>     a. CLIM - support for CLIM form MCL is clearly very
UK0392> important. I hope that both CLIM vendors and MCL policy
UK0392> determiners are hoisting in that there *is* real demand for
UK0392> this, and that many people in the MCL community would like the
UK0392> bond to grow firmer, to the extent of a formal announcement and
UK0392> formal support.
I don't understand how CLIM will really help with portability in the larger
sense. Isn't CLIM a standard adopted for Lisp only (Common Lisp Interface
Manager)? Meanwhile, looming larger is X-windows and its derivatives. So, if we
had to implement one or the other, wouldn't we opt for X-windows? (Please
understand that I am not a fan of either CLIM nor X-windows.)
Ruben Kleiman