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Re: App Framework - Stance 1

> Date: 29 Jun 92 16:36 GMT
> From: KLEIMAN@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Kleiman, Ruben)
> I don't understand how CLIM will really help with portability in the larger
> sense. Isn't CLIM a standard adopted for Lisp only (Common Lisp Interface
> Manager)? Meanwhile, looming larger is X-windows and its derivatives. So, if we
> had to implement one or the other, wouldn't we opt for X-windows? (Please
> understand that I am not a fan of either CLIM nor X-windows.)

CLIM exists only on top of Lisp, so it doesn't address cross-language 
portability.  However, it's wrong to contrast CLIM and X-Windows; they address
completely different levels of the user interface question, and on platforms with 
X-Windows CLIM uses X-Windows, just as on Macintoshes CLIM uses the Mac toolbox 
to provide windows, dialogs, and menus.

I also don't see any advantage to implementing X-Windows on the Mac, other than 
communication with other non-Mac platforms, since X-Windows just duplicates 
functionality that is already present on the Mac.  By the way, X-Windows is 
already implemented on the Mac, so that's not something the OODL community needs 
to invest in anyway.