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>Date: Wed, 1 Jul 92 07:10:29 PDT
>From: benjii!chris@uunet.UU.NET (Chris Rosebrugh)
>To: uunet!cambridge.apple.com!info-mcl@uunet.UU.NET
>Subject: archives
>i would appreciate it if someone would send me all
>pertinent info about the machine holding the 
>mcl archives (address, name, top-level directory(ies)). 
>my only means of accessing this info is by making ftp 
>requests through uunet (can't do it direct - yet). 

The info-mcl archives are available by anonymous ftp from
cambridge.apple.com, in the /pub/mail-archive/ directory.

Here are the file names and sizes (in bytes):

info-mcl-90-p1      328012
info-mcl-90-p2      363139 
info-mcl-90-p3      344876 
info-mcl-91-p1      335686  
info-mcl-91-p2      646731  
info-mcl-91-p3      524520  
info-mcl-91-p4      601382 
info-mcl-91-p5      328309  
info-mcl-92-p1      488875  
info-mcl-92-p2      381461 
info-mcl-92-p3      520425  
info-mcl-92-p4      555828  
info-mcl-92-p5      619095