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Re: a vote

> 1. (Mac vs. cross platform).  CLIM already exists and addresses the
>    cross-platform community. 
CLIM 1 should exist any month now for the Mac. 
CLIM 2, the version with more mac-like look and feel, isn't even
announced for the Mac as far as I know.
CLIM 2 is however at least close to done on a bunch of other platforms.

 From a related conversation with Moon:
> >  By the way, X-Windows is 
> > already implemented on the Mac, so that's not something the OODL community needs 
> > to invest in anyway.
> Since there are versions of CLIM that sit on top of X windows, does that mean a
> Mac CLIM could be implemented using the Mac X-windows?

>Huh?  There's already a Mac CLIM, marketed by ILA,
Well, see above 
>with a demo version on the MCL 
>CD-ROM that's about to come out.  CLIM doesn't require X Windows.
Right. My point here is that one way to get to CLIM 2 on the Mac
may be to use x-windows and some other vendor's CLIM 2 that
does make use of X-windows. Going through the extra x-windows step
may prove to be slow or otherwise impractical. But without Apple support,
CLIM-2 on the Mac may be a long time coming.