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emacs for mac

Excerpts from the read-me file in our copy:


MicroEMACS 3.10 Release Notes March 19, 1989

(C)opyright 1988, 1989 by Daniel M. Lawrence
MicroEMACS 3.10 can be copied and distributed freely for any
non-commercial purposes.  MicroEMACS 3.10 can only be incorporated
into commercial software with the permission of the current author.

Available via bulletin board system...

   The Programmer's Room
   FIDO 201/10
   (317) 742-5533
   24 hours 300/1200/2400 baud

Or contact

   Daniel Lawrence
   617 New York Street
   Lafayette, IN 47901
   ARPA: nwd@j.cc.purdue.edu
   (317) 742-5153