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AV Parser for MCL 2.0B1p3 on cambridge.apple.com

The AV Parser is a unification-style parser for developing natural
language grammars using a unification-based approach.  The parser
code for MCL 2.0 is now available by ftp from cambridge.apple.com.

The package is interesting not only for the parser proper, but because
of the other tools that the package contains, such as an LALR(1)
parser-generator written in Lisp that produces Lisp code, and an
extensible, object-oriented graphics package that includes:

scrollers-patch.lisp        Patches and bug-fixes for Apple's 
                            scrollers.lisp code
pict-views.lisp             Defines a class of views that cache 
                            their images as PICTs
pict-scrap.lisp             Enables cut and paste operations on PICTs
pict-scrolling-windows.lisp Scrolling of PICT views
graphics.lisp               A general object-oriented drawing package,
                            including trees and feature matrices

lalr parser.lisp            An LALR(1) parser generator, i.e. a YACC in Lisp