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Re: Dylan class system?

In article <920630154821_71501.1347_DHJ36-2@CompuServe.COM> 71501.1347@CompuServe.COM (Jim Hurd) writes:
>I am waiting for my Dylan manual to arrive, but curiosity has gotten the best
>of me. Could someone please post a brief description of the Object system of


>Multiple Inheritance?


>generic functions?


>user defined method


>Does it have CL style packages?

No. Instead it has modules, which are reminiscent of Modula-2
modules, but which are first-class objects.

>1st class continuations?

No, but there is limited support for continuations, principally
for exit procesures and for uses similar to CL catch and throw.

> 1st
>class environments?

No, but see modules.