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(eq (union mcl-2.0b1p3 quadra-700 AppleShare-2.0) hang)

Whenever MCL does any file access to an AppleShare server, my machines hangs.
If I wait long enough, MCL returns with 'Error #-1072' and the server volumes
are dismounted with the message.
'The file server's connection has unexpectedly closed down.'
The server is not effected by this.

My confirguration is

    Quadra 700
    System 7.0.1 (vanilla, 24/32 bit behaves the same, no virtual)
    Tuneup 1.1.1
    AppleTalk 57.0.4
    EtherTalk 2.3.1
    MCL 2.0b1p3

The server is running AppleShare 2.0.
I did not have this problem when I was running a Mac IIci.


Ray Pelletier