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Dylan and executables?

I've browsed the dylan spec, and I was wondering, since dylan is geared more towards actually producing, (I can't remember how it was phrased in the manual) a more deliverable based dynamic language, what is the overhead for being dynamic, ie. - every program will have to include a runtime, what is the size of that runtime.  Also, how does the performance of dylan compare to some of the other OOP languages, say Smalltalk, Obj-C, and C++.  In that same area, what optimizations, will dylan make on an executable to optimize out unused methods, classes, etc.?

Another thing, the manual mentions wanting other companies to port it to other machines.  Is this happening?  

Also, exceptions, collections, and the I/O lib are mentioned in the book.  What other libraries are going to be standard per say?  

What about the possiblity of persistence being part of the language definition?

Sam Griffith Jr.