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Re: emacs for mac

From: straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann)
> I don't think this is an appropriate topic for further discussion
> on info-mcl

What would be appropriate and interesting to discuss in this group is
how MCL with fred could be used to execute code in GNU Emacs lisp
packages.   Why would this be a win for MCL?  There is a huge amount of
free Emacs Lisp code out there that could be used almost as is.

GNU Emacs Lisp is basically a subset of Common Lisp so it
shouldnt be hard to actually execute the code.  However, we would have
to come up with some emulation of Emacs internal data structures
(buffers, windows, window configurations, etc) and all the Emacs
subroutines (e.g. pos-visible-in-window-p).  

There would be some incompatibilities.  Fred is an overlapping-window
system rather than a tiled-window (within a window) system like
current Emacs, so it might be better to emulate Emacs 19, Lucid Emacs,
or Epoch.  Or perhaps fred could be extended to support tiled
subwindows within one fred window.  This would be mostly useful for
split views of one buffer.

Dan LaLiberte
(Join the League for Programming Freedom: league@prep.ai.mit.edu)