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Setting *package* from a file

How do you set the *package* global variable from a file?

I am developing a package which I load in from a file.  I would
like the *package* global variable to be set to that package as
soon as the file is loaded.  Right now what I do is type
(in-package "my-package") to the Listener after loading the file.

I have tried putting the following in my file:

     (set-fred-package (find-window "Listener") "my-package")

But while this changed the package name displayed by the Listener
window, it did not change the value of *package*.

So I tried a more blunt approach, putting the following in my file:

     (setf *package* (find-package "my-package"))

This evaluated ok, but once again had no effect on the value of

Is there any way that will work?


          Timur Friedman (friedman@cs.umass.edu)

P.S. (setf *package* nil) crashes MCL 2.0b1p3.