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   From: liberte@cs.uiuc.edu (Daniel LaLiberte)
   Date: 9 Jul 92 20:15:18 GMT

   Here is an extension to the Interface Tools to give you icon buttons
   based on icon-dialog-items found in the Examples folder.  There is not
   much to it, so maybe this will be an inspiration for people to add
   extensions for other dialog items.  One thing I would really like is
   a popup menu.

   Dan LaLiberte

My copy of MCL 2.0 didn't come with icon-dialog-items - not in the examples
folder or anywhere else I could find. I currently have MCL2.0b1p3 (patches
downloaded from cambridge.apple.com). Where can I get this code?

Greg Wilcox
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Cambridge, MA