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'cicn'/CopyBits help requested

I have a feeling that either (a) this question has already been asked
and answered sixty-six times in the past two months, or (b) anyone
who actually finished seventh grade should know how to do this, but
I'll ask anyway. Could someone take pity on my ignorance and tell
me how (in MCL 2.0) to get at the PixMap data from a colour icon
(cicn) given a handle to the 'cicn' resource? Anyone suggesting that I
ought to go RTFM is probably right, but I've R'd quite a lot of FMs
lately, and none have been especially helpful.

The reason for this is that I want to plot the 'cicn' with CopyBits, and
the reason why I'm masochist enough to want to use CopyBits
instead of using PlotCIcon like any sane and sensible person is that
PlotCIcon doesn't store into QuickDraw pictures, while CopyBits
(reputedly) does. I need to know how to get a pointer to the PixMap
data so that I can chuck it at a window with CopyBits - and still have
it show up in a picture created with 'start-picture' ... 'get-picture'.
Any hints, tips or suggestions would be gratefully received.

The next refinement will be to try to get my 'cicn's to print out; I
have a vague suspicion that CopyBits doesn't do anything when the
grafport is a printer rather than a window. Is this true, and if so, is
there anything (simple) I can do about it?

With thanks in advance,

                                        Angus McIntyre
                                        (Knowledge Technologies n.v.)

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