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Re: Weirdness in Dylan spec

In article <9207072034.AA06909@media-lab.mit.edu>, lieber@MEDIA-LAB.MEDIA.MIT.EDU (Henry Lieberman) writes:
> Packages are supposed to be the "official" solution for this, but
> packages work so badly in CL, that it is not a good solution.

I disagree. It is true that packages are difficult to use during highly
interactive development (read: trial and error :-), but once your code
is more or less stable and ready to be given to someone else who needs
it, it should be "packaged", i.e. interface names exported etc. This
works really well and any conflicts (which in my experience are quite
rare) can be solved individually.

    Ora Lassila
      Laboratory of Information Processing Science
      Helsinki University of Technology