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using MCL to modify a PICT

I realize that this is probably a trivial exercise for many, but since I am
relatively new to MCL (though not LISP), I need help with the following:

I have a PICT which I want to modify by adding a text string.  The text
should be drawn to a rect that is below the actual PICT, i.e., I
want to enlarge the PICT frame to include the text region, not to 
overlay the text onto the picture.

In C, I create a new offscreen gworld, do a SetGWorld to the gworld,
set rects and clipping appropriately, open the PICT, DrawPicture to the 
new rect, TextBox a C string, and ClosePicture.

How do I do all this in MCL2.0?  I would really appreciate your help in

Thanks in advance -

Marty Kenner