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New version of GETA Browser (1.01)

I have uploaded to cambridge.apple.com a (slightly) improved version of the
GETA browser :

  Now a new menu item is installed in the Tools Menu.
  The user can now browser via a dialog (and not by typing weird commands).
  Also some bugs have been fixed.

The little following abstract is for those who don't know this browser :

  You can browse a class by displaying the hierarchy of one class and all
its subclasses. This hierarchy is displayed as a graph.
  By double clicking in a class node you can inspect that class.
  With one long click, you get a popup-menu that allow you to display the
slots or the methods (if any) of the current class. You can also (visualy)
delete some part of the graph (that makes the drawing faster).

A little documentation is inclosed.

Fell free to ask questions (until saturday, after that I will be hard to
reach :-(
Fell free to improve it !


Lafourcade Mathieu
GETA (Groupe d'Etude pour la Traduction Automatique)