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stack overflow in saved apps

I have written an application using MCL 2.0b1p3 that seems to run fine when
I am in the MCL environment.  However, when I create a stand-alone
application out of it by calling "save-application", things no longer run
fine.  In particular, at various (seemingly random) times, I get a "stack
overflow" error.  When I do a backtrace, the backtrace window shows that
there are only about a dozen nested calls on the stack.  That doesn't seem
to be enough to cause a stack overflow from too many function calls.  Can
anyone enlighten me as to why I might be getting this error message and
what I can do about it?
I'm using System 6.0.8 on a IIcx, and am allocating the stand-alone
application 5 MBytes of RAM.