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MCL 2.0 Shipping from APDA

***          Macintosh Common Lisp v.2.0 is Now Shipping From APDA          ***
Part #:  B0752LL/A; B0753LL/A
Title:   Macintosh Common Lisp v.2.0; Macintosh Common Lisp v.2.0 Update
Price:   $495.00; $200.00
APOS:    Yes.
Description:  Macintosh Common Lisp v.2.0 implements the current industry
standard Common Lisp programming language and CLOS (as defined in "Common Lisp:
The Language", Second Edition).  Its tools include an incremental compiler
which generates efficient native 680x0 code, a window-based debugger, a source
code stepper, a dynamic object inspector, a stack backtrace, a programmable
Macintosh-style, emacs-like Lisp program editor, online documentation and an
interactive interface toolkit.  Interface files allow users to access Macintosh
Toolbox routines, including routines that will take advantage of powerful
features in Macintosh System 7.  Using MCL, a developer can create a
standalone, double-clickable Macintosh application using less than 2MB of disk
space which can be run with 2MB or more of memory.
The Update is available to customers who have previously purchased MCLv.1.3.2,
Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp, or Coral Common Lisp.

[ps. current owners of 2.0b should be getting their copy in the mail Real Soon Now!!
  - steve]