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oodles-of-utils version 1.2 avail

I recently put oou version 1.2 at cambridge.apple.com. There's a
directory called oou-v12 containing the source, fasl, and a readme.

Version 1.2 requires MCL final (which is shipping as we speak, right)

Version 1.2 fixes a few bugs in version 1.1 (which is supposed
to be on the MCL CD and was previously avail on the cambridge ftp
archive - but unadvertised) The main new functionality it offers is a
styled text edit view.  Not a particularly big deal, but it also does
word wrap - something everyone wishes the fred dialog items did.

I'm planning to remove the now obsolete oodles-of-utils-v1b2.hqx
file that works with 2.0b1p3. If anyone objects, let me know soon.