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Re: Startup files

 Angus McIntyre <angus%arti9.BITNET@cunyvm.cuny.edu> writes:
> If you have an application created by MCL (but subsequently given a
> different signature) is there a way for it to determine which document
> file(s) was/were double-clicked to launch it?

The new version of MCL2.0f has an example (binhex) which shows how
to retrieve the finder parameters.

(finder-parameters)  which returns a list of the files that were
opened to indirectly launch the applications. The portions of the
list of interest have the format:
   (:open file1 .... filen)

Here is the fragment that shows how to "parse" the finder-parameters:

(let ((file-list (finder-parameters)))
      (when (eq (car file-list) :open)
        (dolist (f (cdr file-list))
          (let ((type (mac-file-type f)))
            (if (eq type :text)
              (binhex-decode f)
              ; this should never happen because binhex won't be the creator
              ; of any non-text files
              (binhex-encode-get-outfile f))))))