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Getting slot accessors for defclass reconstruction

Howdy. I need to build a class reconstruction form from a defined
class in mcl2.0. I found CCL:CLASS-DIRECT-INSTANCE-SLOTS and
CCL:CLASS-DIRECT-INSTANCE-SLOTS, whose values I've mostly managed to
decode via experimentation. From them I know each slot's name,
initform, initargs, and type. (The initform seems to be a compiled
anonymous function for some forms and a list for strings, numbers, and
quoted values. So I guess can't get the original form that was passed
to defclass to make the compiled function, right?)

My problem is in determining the names of the :accessor, :reader, and
:writer values and which slots they apply to!  By inspecting
STANDARD-CLASS instances I found the CCL::ALIST slot which holds
me which slot they apply to. Could someone please tell me if and how I
can get the original information back or a better approach to solving
my problem? I'm considering using a defclass-like macro that saves
slot information in my own class information structure, but I'd rather
use what mcl stores, if it's adequate. I'll be grateful for any help I
get on this!